A new shmup to back on Kickstarter…

Super Thrustforce: Orbital Meat Police (STOMP) is based on the classic 8-bit game Thrust, and also the great Amiga game Gravity Force (hence the Thrustforce in the title). Aliens have abducted all Earth’s cows, and you must infiltrate the alien mothership to get them back. This mainly involves blowing everything up, but you’ll need to master control of your ship, which is affected by gravity.

Back it on Kickstarter here.

Zenzizenzic is now available on Steam Early Access.

As the game is in Early Access, I would really like to go for a lot of community driven feedback on Steam to further improve the game. So if you have a moment, I would hugely appreciate it if you could drop by on the Steam forum and leave a comment, review on the store page, anything. Or of course just here in this thread. The more we can push shmups to the attention of the public, the better!

Geometry Wars 3 has received a free update. Some welcome changes include a classic mode, where you can replay Geometry Wars’ original gameplay with the new engine, as well as hardcore leaderboards for players who wish to play without drones or super weapons.

Power-Up, a popular Xbox Live Indie Games shmup, which is also available on Steam, is coming out on iOS on April 9th.


A Quiver of Crows is a new shmup from Californian indie developers Sheado.net.

The games features:

  • 360-degree twin-stick chaos!
  • Local / couch co-op so you don’t have to go it alone
  • Upgradable weapons, bombs, and shields
  • Unique environments and physics not common in shmups
  • Play using controller or keyboard & mouse
  • In development for PC, Mac, & Linux

You can vote for it now on Steam Greenlight or read about the game on the forum.

Drifting Lands is a new shmup in development by Alkemi, a French development studio.

You can download an early preview of the game at the website here.

The game looks beautiful and plays very well already.  It features a customizable weapon system and the plan is to expand the game with a large inventory and skill set so that it becomes a hybrid of shmup and hack&slash style gameplay.

The game is made with the Unity3D engine and features some beautiful explosions and background art. It’s great to see high-quality games developed with Unity as this is a very popular game engine for shmup developers.

You can also follow Alkemi games on Facebook if you want to keep up with development of the game.