Site News

Elixir (@shmups on Twitter) has created a Discord server for shmups fans, players and developers. You can join it by clicking this link:

The forum here is very quiet these days, most people have moved away from forums to Facebook and Discord for their online discussions. I recommend this Discord channel to anyone interested in shmups! It’s a very active community with high-score runs, discussion of new-releases and developers posting their work.

Within 12 hours of opening the new forum there were 30 spambot user registrations. This was with a captcha-style spambot registration prevention system in place! I had to temporarily turn off registrations while I looked into an alternate method of spambot prevention.

Registration is back on now, with a simple ‘name-the-screenshot’ quiz which seems to be confusing enough for spambots to fail, but hopefully simple enough for any real people to pass.

Pac-Man image

If you can name this game, you will be able to register.

The original forum at was getting overloaded with spambots. Its owner, motorherp, no longer had the time to maintain it so ownership of the domain and the responsibility for managing the forum has passed on to me. The original forum has been backed up and locked in a read-only state so all the old tutorials, resources and competitions are still visible.

I’ve created a new forum with the latest PHPBB software which should be easier to maintain and (fingers crossed) easier to keep the spammers out of. Follow the link on the right to the new forum and please feel free to sign up and leave any suggestions you have for the site.

I hope to keep this frontpage updated with news about shoot-em-up development as well as using it to highlight any particularly interesting forum posts.

So welcome to the new – enjoy your visit!

– monoRAIL