If you’re making a shmup, you’re going to need music and sound-effects. Take a look at a new digital synthesizer and sequencer called AudioGL – it has recently entered a paid-beta phase ($80 to buy-in to the beta test, the final product will probably be around $200). There’s also a free trial.

Forum thread.

If you’re interested in developing a shmup but don’t know where to start then this should help you. Here are 3 threads in the forum providing shmup-templates, which are frameworks with the basic controls and systems in place to quickly create a shmup.

Torque 2D shmup framework.

Unity 3D shmup framework.

Game Maker Open-Source Shmup Engine. And Warbird – a barebones game developed with this engine.

Simply choose the engine you want to work with, download the template and start making your shmup! Please post any questions in the forum. The Unity 3D framework is currently in-design and feedback is requested.

3-Step Studio

3-Step Studio is a new game development tool from GarageGames, the makers of the Torque engine. It is a visual-editor based development tool with little or no programming required to make games. At the moment it is in alpha and only supports Tower Defence and Blackjack style games, however it’s very likely that a shmup template will be added in the future as GarageGames have a history of using shmups in their Torque2D tutorials.

3-Step Studio

It’s still in a private testing phase, but once it’s release it will be free and will build games for Windows, MacOS and iOS platforms. Find out more at the website –