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I recently gave a lecture on shmup development with Unity as part of a course at RMIT University.

You can download the lecture slides and example project.

Lecture slides [PDF]
Unity shmup template [ZIP – Unity 3.5.3 project]

The example project is a template for Unity shmup development – it contains just a player, an enemy and a scrolling background, however it implements many of the optimizations needed to get a shmup to run properly, such as:

  • Bullet pooling
  • Collision optimization
  • Precise controls
  • Transform caching

It’s written in Javascript, and is thoroughly documented with inline comments. The code is intended to be understandable to novice programmers.

Forum discussion here.

If you’re interested in developing a shmup but don’t know where to start then this should help you. Here are 3 threads in the forum providing shmup-templates, which are frameworks with the basic controls and systems in place to quickly create a shmup.

Torque 2D shmup framework.

Unity 3D shmup framework.

Game Maker Open-Source Shmup Engine. And Warbird – a barebones game developed with this engine.

Simply choose the engine you want to work with, download the template and start making your shmup! Please post any questions in the forum. The Unity 3D framework is currently in-design and feedback is requested.