[DEMO][Shoot-em-up / RPG mashup] Cosmonator

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[DEMO][Shoot-em-up / RPG mashup] Cosmonator

Postby SentientEntity » Sat Apr 15, 2017 5:19 pm

Hi shmup fans!

My buddy and I are almost finished developing our shmup Cosmonator, which infuses hectic classic shmup action with deep RPG style character building elements (many passive upgrades, abilities, weapons, spells, etc). We've just started our Greenlight campaign so if that kind of mashup sounds cool to you (or if you like what you see here) please go and vote! Or, if you're unsure, feel free to go try out our free Beta.3 demo, it has a lot of content and is really awesome.

Image Image Image

Vote for us on Greenlight!

Playable Demo!
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