BLUE RIDER (Steam) by Ravegan - Argentine shmup

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BLUE RIDER (Steam) by Ravegan - Argentine shmup

Postby Gunslinger Petey » Thu Jul 14, 2016 4:33 pm

Hi, everyone!
I want to introduce you all to Blue Rider, a shoot-em'-up for Steam developed by my mates at Ravegan, an independent game-developing team from argentina who are gradually making themselves a name in the video game industry. Blue Rider is a classical, old-school shmup, very much in the vein of the old classics. So you can expect a very entertaining challenge where every level is a living bullet hell, beautified by gorgeous graphics, a soundtrack far from monotonous; all factor that will contribute to immerse you in a nice, engaging adventure. Recently, the people at Ravegan have made some performance improvements to the game, so now is faster and tougher than before. And for those who collect them, they've added 6 Trading Cards to boost.
I sincerely encourage everyone to give it a try and spend a really fun time with this little jewel. Share it with your friends. Help us spread the world.
Here's a trailer, so you can take a look at it:
Here's also a review for the game:
I hope you enjoy it!


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Re: BLUE RIDER (Steam) by Ravegan - Argentine shmup

Postby TiaoFerreira » Tue Aug 02, 2016 2:51 pm

Meu amigo, tá ficando muito louco! Qual a previsão de lançamento?

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