Best shmups collection

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Best shmups collection

Postby archaeus25 » Thu Oct 29, 2015 9:05 pm

My shmups collection it’s huge and i build it in one month of work.Now that my cab software is finally taking shape, I am wondering if you will like it.I play shmups exclusively on Windows 10(64 bits).I’m using of course MAME but a special version who emulates all known arcade shumps.

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Re: Best shmups collection

Postby Darthsith » Tue Nov 10, 2015 7:34 pm

You are selling mame roms?

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Re: Best shmups collection

Postby monoRAIL » Wed Nov 11, 2015 3:10 am

While I have no problem with people discussing MAME and emulating old games, I think that selling games you didn't make crosses the boundary of what's acceptable for this site, so I'm removing the link.

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