Spa-Cee II is now on the Appstore!

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Spa-Cee II is now on the Appstore!

Postby benjigamedev » Sat May 20, 2017 11:06 am

I developed a shmup for mobile and would love to get some feedback! It is free to play and if you are interested and like the game PM me for some promo codes!


The sequel to Spa-Cee is here!


The galaxy was invaded by the aliens and only one pilot survived! You! You are the best pilot out there and you need to strike back the aliens to free the galaxy! You are the ultimate weapon against the alien invasion equipped with the most powerful weapons earth have seen ! Machine guns, Upgrades! Rockets, laser beams you name it! You are the chose one to use top secret space ship parts and you can construct your own custom spaceship!
But a space ship is only as powerful as its pilot! And only a pilot of honour, wisdom and great courage can path the way to victory!

So buckle up and strike back!

-Great twin stick shooter action

-5 different weapons, machine gun, laser beam, rockets

-3 difficulty levels for each galaxy

-9 challenging levels spanning from outer space back to earth!

-An epic Boss fight

-Dozens of skills and perks

-over 30 spaceship parts including the alien parts and epic special parts!

-Old school slot machine payment method! Pay what you play! or buy the premium version and play as much as you want!

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