[DEMO] Radiant LUX -Abstract SHMUP with neon vector graphics

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[DEMO] Radiant LUX -Abstract SHMUP with neon vector graphics

Postby AlexSkylark » Sun Mar 19, 2017 12:26 am

Hello, everyone :)

I wanted to present to this community the game I've been working on this past year and a half, Radiant LUX


You can grab an Alpha Prototype Demo NOW to play! get it at http://starlightgs.itch.io/radiantlux and test it out! Feedback is appreciated :)

Also, Please vote for Radiant LUX on Steam Greenlight @ https://sgstudio.net.br/RLUX_Greenlight

The core concept to the game is: destroy enemies of a color, and you level up your shot of that color.
You also deal more damage to enemies of the same color as your shot.

You start out in the Red refraction, which spawns red enemies. However, occasionaly an enemy of a different
color will appear. Kill that intruder, and a portal will spawn that leads to his refraction, which spawns enemies
of that other color. That way you can get a new attack from that color and level it up (oh yeah, leveling up
each color provides different attacks and passive abilities to your vessel).

Also, after gathering a few levels in different colors, a boss will appear. These bosses are made of several,
multi-colored parts. And, remember, you deal more damage hitting stuff with shots of the same color. So, make
use of that in your advantage! :)

Oh yeah, and all content is randomly generated. enemies, bosses and movement paths are all generated on-the-fly,
so each time you play, the experience is unique :D

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