My Game release! Minimalist unique puzzler! "Ripples"

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My Game release! Minimalist unique puzzler! "Ripples"

Postby kamalastudios12 » Sun Aug 14, 2016 5:53 pm

Hey guys, I have recently created a UNIQUE puzzle game for android platform!
Please check it out! We are a group of indie developers located in South Korea ^^ I need your support!
Feel free to contact me for anything and if you guys have any recommendations regarding my app, I would be very happy to consider them as well!
Thanks and without farther ado, I will introduce our app! ... la.ripples
It is a minimalist, easy, and intuitive audio-visual puzzle! It incorporates sharp and simple graphics compatible with almost all low end devices. Also, it has 100 beautifully crafted levels! It targets a wide audience or customers on the android market who are looking for a new type of puzzler.
The logic or the “gameplay” is strikingly simple. There are mainly two types of dots. A colored dot and a white dot. The goal is to simply touch the colored dot in order to generate ripples that gradually gets bigger as time goes by. The effect is very satisfying once the player starts to touch multiple dots because they converge and form mixed colors. When the ripple is generated and the edge of it touches the white dot, the level is cleared! If there are multiple ripples with different speeds, the player must make them touch the white dot at the same time!
It seems very simple at the beginning but as level goes on, the number and the complexity increases sporadically! After playing some levels, white dots start to grow in numbers and they also move. It is very tricky to find just the right combination of touches to finish the game! Every touch generates soothing bell sounds and it guides the player to solve the puzzle easier because he can estimate when he has to touch. It is a game that requires the player to relax and calm down because as levels go up, the player cannot proceed with careless tapping.
It has soothing sound effects, minimalist design, and pitch black background so the player can be immersed into the game quickly!

I am also looking forward to creating a dedicated website for this app. It is in production and will be in the app description as soon as possible.

Price: It is free for 50 levels and the free version has banner ads on the menu. (full version = $1.5)
It has in-app purchase enabled so I’ll be glad if you guys can support me that way ^^

My email is so if anyone has anything to recommend or tell, I will be glad to get your message!

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