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For the past year the Quantum Forge team has developed a game called Sol Avenger. The Kickstarter is has been live for six days! Although we’re excited about the project and we’ve worked very hard for over a year on it, we’re averaging just a handful of unique visits a day on the campaign page! Our team has started to pass out flyers around local college campuses and community centers to boost public awareness. Without any significant marketing budget, it’s difficult to get this thing off the ground! The people who have seen this project say good things about it overall. We think you’ll love Sol Avenger because:

It’s a space shoot'em-up action arcade game… Think Star Fox without the rails!

There are quests: Looting and leveling on planets and in space!

Skill, Stat and Ship Customization, RPG goodness! A different experience with every ship!

It’s an endless adventure! Our local solar system with a procedurally expanding universe beyond to explore!

A cross-platform release - We can build the game to multiple platforms provided the appropriate licensing!

Satisfying boss battles: Feel the rush of surviving in combat while also solving a fun puzzle!
No loading screens!

Support this indie project and come check out the Sol Avenger Kickstarter right here:


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