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Postby monoRAIL » Fri Oct 26, 2012 11:10 am


If you aren't already playing AirMech you should check it out. It's a free shmup/strategy hybrid where you play transforming aircraft. The focus is more on strategy but it has some shmup features such as options, dual-stick controller support and slower movement when firing.

If you're already playing, list your AirMech username here so we can play together. Mine is monoRAIL of course!

Download it for free here:

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Re: Airmech

Postby BPzeBanshee » Fri Oct 26, 2012 11:28 am

I'm a player, same username.

To be quite precise the game takes its game mechanics off an old Sega Megadrive title called Herzog Zwei - but of course, it improves on the good parts and tosses away the bad. The account system is much like League of Legends, however unlike the former AirMech is more about short-duration games on set maps instead of huge quests etc. Better still, it's free-to-play but not pay-to-win: any unit that has a definitive effect on gameplay will cost Kudos (the in-game system which you can earn just from playing) while fancy stuff like alternate skins for AirMechs and bullet tracers will cost Diamonds (the in-game currency you actually pay cash to get in bulk amounts). One can pay cash outright for any item to get it faster if you're impatient but if you don't put a cent into the game you're not losing out.

If you're a Steam user get the Steam Beta Bundle while you can, otherwise there's the non-Steam PC version (which works with players on Steam or off it) and the Chrome version (which *isn't* compatible with PC players but is playable on any OS that uses Chrome, plus Chrome saucer skin is available to buy on this version).
Greetings from the land down under! :D

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Re: AirMech

Postby Spidyy » Mon Oct 29, 2012 12:53 am

I tried the game and I just love it. So fun to play. :]

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